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About Me

My journey into counselling and Psychotherapy started with a deep desire to make a real difference to peoples lives. This has been the privilege of a lifetime. It took a lot of searching for this perfect career but as an empath with a warm persona, it seems to fit me like a glove. I naturally see the strengths in people with a non judgemental attitude.

I have lead a rich and varied life with loads of diverse life experience. I grew up in a farming and road haulage background, working from a young age ... and loving it. I have also trained in Holistic Therapies, mainly concentrating on Aromatherapy, and I trained as a Radiographer (Radiotherapy) in Bristol. It was in this career, supporting patients with cancer that I thought about a career in a counselling role.

I'm a Cornishman but live near Derby, I have 2 dogs who I love walking in the countryside with. I love cycling, being outdoors, coffee and cake, people, wellbeing, creativity and design. The few pictures below are from my past and present.

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